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Website to shame love cheats Daily Mail Online

Betrayed lovers can now get their revenge by posting a photograph of love cheats on a new website.

Sns of an Internet or Online Dating Scam

Susan Hughes, 29, has launched as an "online shoulder to cry on" for people whose partners are unfaithful.

No Shame in the Online Dating Game JLife

She predicts the site's most popular section will be the Cheats Gallery, which gives jilted lovers the chance to "name and shame their love rat".

Online Shaming Gives Creeps the Spotlht They Deserve

Ms Hughes, from Panton, Devon, had the idea last October after herself being cheated on. You don't want to bore your friends and family, and the best shoulders to cry on belong to people who have been through the same experiences."The Cheats Gallery can include pictures, names and details of betrayers' misdemeanours.

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